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About Me


Hello, and welcome to my website! I guess this is the kind of thing that should be greeting people when they first load up Incunabulum, but the Writings section needed something to go inside it when the site launched, and I needed an excuse to create an article template that could be used later. So that's why my About Me section is hidden away in the rear of my site, two whole clicks from the front page.

I'm a naturally private person, and writing about myself has never come easy to time. Suffice it to say I'm yet another bored 20-something with an interest in both the arts and the computers. I don't remember when or how I was first introduced to HTML, but I'm pretty sure it was sometime in the early 2000s and involved the default text editor that shipped with our family's neon green iMac G3. I was too young at the time to understand the concept of web hosting, and as such never got the chance to participate in the original Geocities, but I did manage to teach myself a thing or two. Most of this forgotten knowledge came back when I started working on this project, but I'm still no computer programmer. This site is very much an experiment, and I've already learned a few new things since I started work on it.

Incunabulum isn't my first attempt at creating a centralized web presence. I've started at least two blogs, both of which are now 100% confirmed dead, as well as a YouTube channel that's still on life support. I'd like for this site to avoid the fate of its predecessors, and therefore Incunabulum will not have any main theme or focus to its content. A main theme sets a limit to what you can add to a project, and in my past experience this has does nothing but hasten the approach of a site's expiration date. I'd like to think I'm not completely indecisive, but I do tend to change interests every so often, and there's no guarantee that what I'm interested in posting here will remain the same for more than a few years.

To sum up, you shouldn't expect anything more or less than a stream of consciousness from this site. I'll probably post some stuff I like here, then forget about it, then remember it again, and then post some more stuff I like. The beauty of static HTML web development is that the stuff you produce will still work even if you forget about the site entirely, or even if the company hosting your pages goes belly-up. Ideally, this site won't end up as another abandoned and incomplete personal website, like so many of the old Geocities pages people like to link on Twitter, but if it does come to that I won't be too disappointed. At the end of the day this site is about self-expression, and having an audience right now and having an audience 50 years in the future aren't much different. With that in mind, please enjoy this website to your heart's content.